Like minded providers working together.

The Friends of Pagely program is designed to enable deeper collaboration between Pagely and our hand picked partners.

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Benefits of the Program

Working with Pagely enables your agency to serve your customers better. Pagely serves higher education, media, and Fortune 1000 customers with best-in-class Managed WordPress hosting.

Our partners benefit from a close and meaningful relationship of collaboration to jointly serve our mutual clients. We understand not every client is a good fit for our service and we also know that when it really matters, when the site really is mission critical, we are the best hosting solution.


Custom hosting solutions to match your needs — no matter how demanding or complex. There are no edge cases or situations we can’t handle.


With over a decade of experience scaling WordPress for the world’s biggest brands and infrastructure built on AWS, your clients will never outgrow our hosting.


Hosting solutions engineered from the ground up for maximum uptime and durability. Your client sites will remain available and thier data will be safe.

How's it Work?

  1. Apply to the program.
  2. After approval, review and sign our partnership agreement.
  3. Register a new opportunity with our opportunity tool. An opportunity is a client prospect which is new business for Pagely.
  4. When the opportunity closes and we’ve successfully on-boarded the new customer we pay the referral fee.
  5. Enjoy the many other benefits of the program
  6. Rinse and repeat.

Program Highlights

  • Supreme flexibilty Powerful hosting solutions of any size or configuration for your clients
  • Co-selling Support Plus co-branded collateral to help you close deals
  • Partner specific communications Stay informed of program and platform updates
  • Be our guest Feature on our Podcast, blog, or a case study for additional exposure
  • A seamless partnership We'll interface with your clients as one voice
  • Lucrative referral fees Up to 10% of the customer's annual spend

Program levels

StrategicAgency Partner

  • Partner Directory Listing
  • Co-Selling Support & Co-branded Collateral
  • Shared Pagely Slack channel access (1 seat)
  • Dedicated Partner Representative
  • 5% Referral fee
  • (3) Free site migrations per client

PlatformAgency Partner

  • Featured Partner Directory Listing
  • Co-Selling Support & Co-branded Collateral
  • Shared Pagely Slack channel access (1 seat)
  • Dedicated Partner Representative
  • 10% Referral fee
  • (10) Free site migrations per client
  • Dedicated Pagely Slack channel access (3 seats)
  • Lead Referrals from Pagely
  • PRESSFORMANCE Audit program participation

* Referral Fee is paid after 90 days and is computed as % of annual fee paid by the hosting customer.


VPS-2 plan$999/mo
$999 * 12 $11,988/yr
$11,988 * 10% $1,198.90 Referral Fee

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We're dedicated to our partner's success. Allow us to help your firm with all your customer hosting needs. Peace of mind starts here.

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